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Fintechs and paytechs are typically founded based on a unique, compelling idea but they often lack the skills and expertise to convincingly sell that idea to their target audience.

Demand Creation Partners addresses this challenge with the DCP Accelerator, a simple, three-step process that ultimately provides clients with targeted, qualified leads.


STEP 1 starts by assessing a client’s goals and objectives. What geographic markets are being targeted and why? Who are the client’s prospects and what has been done to engage them to date? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Based on insights gleaned from these discussions, we’ll prepare strategic recommendations for target markets and prospects.

STEP 2  sees the design of a campaign to raise awareness of the client’s business – and ultimately – get them in front of target prospects and influencers. This typically involves a mix of LinkedIn, email and telephone outreach undertaken by our specialists.

STEP 3  provides clients with qualified leads and secured meetings. For the latter, we can either attend the meeting or hand over to the client’s sales team. A detailed briefing pack will be prepared for each meeting that incorporates relevant background, discussion points and suggestions for a successful outcome.

How long will it take and what results can I expect?

DCP Accelerator takes between six to eight weeks to complete and results in an average of 10 qualified leads. During that time, we’ll keep client stakeholders regularly updated on progress.

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